Acrylic Pouring Workshop

From: $48.00

This is a basic workshop, come join us for an experience to make your very own acrylic pour artwork with no prior experience needed! This workshop is for both kids and adults!

All materials for the workshop will be provided, just bring yourself (and your friends!) All participants are also entitled to enjoy 15% off any DIY Kit (limited to 2) on the day of the workshop.

What will you get?

1. You will get to make (and bring home) 1 acrylic pour artwork.

2. Learn the technique of adding different decors and colours (i.e glitter/ shiny leaf foils/ characters etc.)

3. Learn how to create different effects.

4. Bring home your very own acrylic pour artwork

*additional $15 if you’d like to make an extra item


Once registration is complete, rescheduling/cancellation is strictly not allowed.

Covid-19 Advisory:

You are required to put on your mask at all times. Please do not share drinks or eat in the studio.

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